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  • Address: WA Industrial Storage
    9 Possner Way
    Henderson 6166
    Western Australia.
  • Phone/Fax: (08) 9437 1541
  • Mobile: 041 992 3250 or 041 990 3052
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  • Storage and Unpacking Questions

  • What service do you require?
  • What type of goods are they and how are they packed or arranged.
  • Will they be in a container or on a truck?
  • How much room is needed for storage in m3 Meters, or L x W x H approximately? m3



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  • Are there any dangerous goods?
  • Are your goods covered by insurance?
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  • Mobile Cool Room Questions

  • What goods do you need to refrigerate?
  • Where will the mobile cool room be used?
  • What period do you need it for?
    Minimum is 2 days
  • Do you need a generator?
  • Do you need it delivered?. (metro area only)